Hemp Fabric Is A New Luxury

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Hemp fabric is a new luxury. Strong and durable, yet soft and luxurious, hemp fabric is quickly becoming a favorite among fashionistas. Hemp is also a more environmentally-friendly option than traditional fabrics like silk or cotton.

Hemp fabric is a new luxury.

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Hemp Fabric Is Natural Beauty, Purposefully Created

A genuinely natural fabric, Hemp is a sustainable fiber that is carbon negative and grown without pesticides and fertilizers. Hemp fabrics are the best choice for your home and the environment. Using hemp fabric instead of cotton reduces water use by 50%, carbon emissions by 80%, and eliminate the need for pesticides and fertilizers. 

We create lifestyle products that are functional, classic, and beautiful. Hemp fabrics are becoming more popular in today’s fashion industry. Our hemp fabrics are responsible, an internationally certified and accredited facility. The hemp yarns used to create these fabrics are meticulously sourced to ensure our products meet high quality and safety standards.

Hemp fabric is a new luxury.

Evolutionary Design, Timeless Appeal

Our hemp fabrics are textured, with a rich array of colors and distinctive variations in tone, which convey the natural beauty of their source material. With age, they soften and mellow, creating a comfortable and familiar look and feel. They are no longer subjected to synthetic chemicals, curing agents, or excessive heat during manufacturing. The result is a more eco-friendly product that becomes uniquely more beautiful over time.

Hemp Trader brings to market the most delicate American-made hemp fabrics, hemp bedding, hemp clothing, and hemp home furnishings. Hemp Traders’ 100% natural and green fabric. 

Hemp Trader Hemp Fabrics are 100% natural, using no synthetics or manufactured fibers, and are all grown, spun, dyed, and woven in the USA. Hemp fabric is becoming popular for many clothing and accessories, especially hemp T-shirts. Hemp fabric is comfortable against the skin and is used to make durable and fashionable clothing.

Our manufacturing process is environmentally friendly, and our products are made with organic cotton and sustainably grown Hemp. Hemp fabric is naturally mildew-resistant, UV-protected, breathable, soft, and cozy with a distinctive, smooth hand. Hemp fabric is durable and strong, with higher resistance to abrasion than cotton and a breaking strength similar to that of denim. The long fiber length of Hemp is similar to linen in its strength.


Hemp Fabric is a Sustainable Choice.

The hemp plant, Cannabis Sativa L., is an ancient industrial source with tensile strength and durability that naturally repels soil and stains. The more we learned about Hemp, the more we wanted to work with this sustainable resource and bring its benefits to a more significant number of people. 

Hemp Fabric Is Biodegradable

You can compost your hemp garments at the end of their proper life cycle—sustainable, natural fabrics for your home. If you haven’t tried hemp clothing yet, get a hemp t-shirt, pants, and a hemp bag. Have an environmentally conscious day! A common misconception is that Hemp is a psychoactive drug. Hemp is a variety of Cannabis sativa, but it s a plant grown for industrial uses. 

It is not used as a recreational drug and cannot get anyone high. Hemp is a non-drug variety of cannabis that has been cultivated for centuries for industrial uses. It takes approximately 1,000 liters or 264 gallons of water to produce 1 square meter of hemp fabric. The World’s Finest Hemp Fabric and the World’s Finest Hemp Products are right here in the USA. Carbon Emissions – The Carbon Footprint of Hemp vs. Cotton Textile manufacturing accounts for 2% of the world’s energy demand. Cotton is the 3 rd largest emitter of greenhouse gases.

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