Hemp Seed Carp Fishing: The Ultimate Guide

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This guide will show you everything you need to know about hemp seed carp fishing, from the best rigs and bait presentation to where to fish for them.

Hemp Seed Carp Fishing

Hemp seed has long been a popular choice for carp fishing, as it is highly nutritious and easily digestible. It can be used as bait on its own or as part of a more extensive mix. It has a distinctive earthy flavor that the fish will not find distasteful. You can mix hemp seed with hemp seed oil for even better results and increase the viscosity of the mix.

The hemp seed oil has proven to be a highly effective bait for carp. It can be mixed into a paste or a liquid lure and used in various ways with great success. Hemp seed is an excellent choice for carp fishing as it is both elementary to digest and has a solid and long-lasting flavor.

Hemp Seed Carp Fishing

Hemp seed is beneficial when carp are feeding on bait that has already been in the water for a while, as it is the most digestible of natural bait ingredients. The seed is tiny but very dense and can be appealing to carp that like more miniature food in clear water. Hemp seed is also a source of high-quality oil, which you can apply to fish lines to create a thin layer that is lighter and slicker.

Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) is a beneficial omega-6 fatty acid derived from hemp seed oil. Hemp seed is an excellent protein source and contains a high percentage of oil. This, combined with its high-fat content, makes it an ideal bait for carp with a huge and easily triggered appetite.

Whatever type of bait you are using, it must be continually moving in the water. Carp have a susceptible lateral line along the side of their body, which can detect even the slightest motion. When this line is triggered, the carp will instinctively attack the source of the movement.


To make sure that your bait is constantly moving, attach it to a baiting pole or position a ball or feeder on the bottom of the lake so that it is rotating.

Carp Fishing Bait Types

If you are going to try any of the following methods, you will need to use some bait, whether an artificial feeder or a live fish. When baiting up carp, it is best to use a tiny hook so the bait moves more quickly in the water. A bait sitting still is likely to be ignored by a hungry, feeding carp.

Bait Fishing Tips

For many, bait fishing is an enjoyable experience, allowing you to spend time communing with nature. However, several common mistakes can ruin a day of slow-paced fishing with bait.

Hemp Seed Carp Fishing

The first and most common is fishing with the wrong bait. If the bait is not moving, the carp will lose interest – even if it smells or looks tempting. For this reason, a slip-bobber is preferable to a fixed one as it allows the bait to move as it is pulled through the water.


Carp will rarely turn down a bit of mince when it’s presented to them. Moving bait will attract their attention and is a sure way to keep a carp’s attention for longer.

What About Bait Presentation?

A carp is a very visual and curious fish, so visual presentation is a key to getting them to bite. It is essential to pick a bait that is easy to work with and maintain its appearance and float ability on the surface.

Hemp Seed Carp Fishing

The best rigs and bait presentation can make the difference when fishing for hemp seed carp. Here are some tips to help you get started. When it comes to rigs, a simple bottom-bait rig with a size four hook is often all that is needed.

Hemp seed is a small bait, so keep your rig simple and try to keep the bait on or near the bottom. Using a small, simple rig and keeping the bait a little way off the bottom is great for triggering a strike.

Working the bait up a little will often trigger a strike, and the last one or two inches of the bait is significant. Keep the bait on the bottom as you retrieve it and reel it in. Add a bobber to the rig to maintain a floatation and visibility for the bait, and you’re good to go.

You can use a single or double hook when fishing for hemp seed carp. I prefer a single hook because it is easier to maintain a rig presentation. Hemp seed carp have a voracious appetite, and a single hook allows you to keep them in the strike zone longer.

Carp Fishing Sub-surface Feeder

Since hemp seed carp is a sub-surface feeder, your hook, line, and weight should be less than four inches in length.

Even though the hemp seed carp is a sub-surface feeder, it is still best to let your bait sit on the surface long enough to attract their attention. The fish will hook a carp with the proper presentation, and it will be worth the wait! A size four hook is ideal for hemp seed carp fishing as it will allow for the maximum amount of bait to be used, and you can be confident of hooking up with a bite.

I would always recommend using a single hook, or a couple of hooks at most, as this will allow some bait to be left on the hook.

Dry Bait or Wet Bait?

Hemp seed carp are attracted to both dry and wet bait. If the hemp seed is too big, cut them in half or even thirds. The bottom-bait rig offers you a lot of versatility in presentation, as the hemp seed can be presented anywhere from the surface to the bottom. Depending on the presentation you prefer, you can fish them at a fast pace or sluggish.

Simply casting out and letting the hemp seeds sink to the bottom usually works best for bait presentation. Add some hemp to your tackle box and put on a good fight the next time you go fishing. You can also attach a small float to the line and let the bait float above the bottom, but you should use a lighter line.

Hemp Seed Carp Fishing

Bass are known for chasing baitfish around. If you’re fishing for other fish, you may attract bass to a baitfish. Bass will follow the baitfish and eat them. The proper presentation allows the baitfish to have an easy time moving and the bass to stay close to the baitfish.

If the water is clear, using a tiny amount of float(Fluke-Lube, etc.) will help them stay on its surface and make it easier to see. When using bobbers, many anglers prefer the “egg” style on the end of a three-foot leader to prevent the bait from tangling on the bottom. This is especially important if you have a lot of weeds and debris in your water. Because hemp seeds seem to be most popular with bass and crappie, try this method when fishing for these fish.

When you cannot use a hookless presentation, you can use a simple hook-and-bead rig. The hook can be simple, a rubber-leg hook, a circle hook, or a baited hook, but be sure to attach a bead. You can play around with the amount of seed to get the results you desire, but I usually have good luck using one tablespoon per cup of water.

Now that you have the bait set up, it’s time to fish.

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