The Best Things About Hempcrete Insulation You’ll Love

US Capitol Hempcrete insulation has been approved by the International Code Council (ICC), making it the first natural fiber insulation to receive such recognition. Hempcrete is made from a mix of hemp hurds (the woody core of the plant) and lime and can be used in new construction and retrofit projects. It offers superior soundproofing and thermal performance, mold resistance, fire safety, and termite resistance.

(The certification allows hemp-lime (hempcrete) to be used as a standard material in residential construction beginning in 2024.)

It is a significant victory for the hemp building industry, as it will now be able to compete on a level playing field with other types of insulation. “It was very simple,” said Bear. “We provided insulation, which performs. We also provided a price that was competitive with synthetic insulation.” Producing hemp insulation has been a boon to the economy of northeastern Colorado. Farmers in the area who once grew only soybeans are also growing hemp.

History of the US Hemp Building Movement


Late last year, the United States hemp industry was plunged into uncertainty after the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) announced that it would make a controversial change to regulations regarding the crop. DEA issued an Interpretive Rule stating that all products derived from the cannabis plant would be under its purview, which includes industrial hemp. The problem?


The RSF is also very much in favor of the proposed Energy Star certification, which will hopefully bring further legitimacy to hemp’s sustainability claims. Hempcrete, a hemp-lime composite material, has been used for three centuries across Europe as an insulating material in construction. This ruling is also significant for the environment.

Hemp can be grown locallyfarm equipment and requires very few (if any) pesticides or herbicides. Hemp has a concise growth cycle and grows in various climates, making it an extremely sustainable building material in terms of its environmental impact. Hemp is also easy to work with and can be made into different forms, including insulation, shingles, and paneling.

We are grateful to Senator Wyden for his leadership on this issue and his support for hemp. We also appreciate the work the Hemp Industries Association and Vote Hemp put in on these issues.”

Hempcrete is made from a mix of hemp hurds (the woody core of the plant) and lime and can be used in new construction and retrofit projects.

hempcreteThe ICC’s approval of hemp-lime insulation is a victory for the hemp building industry, as it will allow more builders to use this sustainable material in their projects. Hempcrete has many benefits over traditional materials like concrete or wood, including its ability to regulate indoor temperature, improve air quality, and resist mold growth.

What Is Hempcrete Insulation Made of?

Hempcrete is made from a mixture of hemp hurds and lime and has numerous benefits over different types of insulation, including being more durable, fire resistant, and environmentally friendly. Hempcrete is a simple mix of lime and a high-cellulose hemp hurd.

Hemp fiber

A high-cellulose hemp hurd can be left overnight at 12-15% moisture content without decay. Hempcrete can be cast into molds or poured directly into place. Hempcrete insulates well even without a vapor barrier. Lime is a lime-based binder used to thicken and bind the material. Hempcrete is a blend of both fibrous and non-fibrous portions.

Hempcrete As An Insulator

“Hempcrete is an insulator, and it’s fire resistant. It significantly improves conventional wood framing insulators like fiberglass, cellulose, and mineral wool. Insulation also comes with various types of fire resistance like fire resistant board or gypsum board.

Hemp concrete was used between the Pantheon’s walls (the best-preserved building from Ancient Rome) and in wooden formwork for the foundations of Limerick Castle. The first production of fibercrete in the UK was with hemp and lime in a workshop consisting of a timber frame with hempcrete filling. The walls were built on-site. Hempcrete is also used to construct foundations, walls, and floors.

industrial hempHemp fibers can also make lighter than air hempcrete, which can be molded into various shapes and then filled with helium to create a safe, easily transportable, human-sized hot air balloon.

It offers superior soundproofing and thermal performance, mold resistance, fire safety, and termite resistance.

game changer

Hempcrete insulation is a game-changer for the construction industry. Not only does it offer superior soundproofing and thermal performance, but it also has mold resistance, fire safety, and termite resistance. This makes it an ideal choice for homes and businesses alike.

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Hemp has the highest amount of cellulose of any plant on the planet. According to the International Hemp Building Association, 8 percent of the world’s population currently uses hemp as a building material. The Hemp Building Association has already promoted hemp building in countries such as France, Germany, and Canada.

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